Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One Month.

Seeing as I have my first big test tomorrow obviously it is time to procrastinate!

I have been here in England for officially one month! I could leave right now and know that my life has been changed. I have already learned so much about myself, other people and other countries! This blog is mostly for when I am back home and forget exactly how I felt when I was here. So don't judge!

In the past month I have learned that people will actually accept you for who you are. If they make fun of you, ditch them (or leave the country) eventually you will find the right people to be around. That is what I love most about being here! I have met so many people that actually think I'm funny! ...or they just pretend but that's ok too. The other thing I like about being here is that I already have something in common with everyone here. We all decided to leave our comfort zones and explore the world. Therefore everyone here has the most positive outlook on life I have ever seen! I don't think it is possible to have a bad day here. Even if I'm a little down I know Kristin will go work out with me...or just watch very attractive men work out. Missy will go out to the pubs and flirt with locals with me. Ben will give me the bestest music ever, watch movies or have H2H's with me. And Matt will just sing and dance. Needless to say I am always entertained. (Picture: Missy, ME, Kristin, Matt, Ben). So this is a thank you to all my new friends for letting me be myself. Which many friends from back home haven't even experienced!

Next is a thank you to my lovely parents. Thank you Mommy and Daddy for letting me explore the world and experience everything I possibly can. I can't wait for you to get here so I can show you everything you have allowed me to learn! I also can't wait to introduce you to my new Mum and Dad! I know I have the best parents in the world but just in case I wasn't sure before I know now. Especially when I can skype with my mom for 2 hours and never run out of stuff to talk about! I guess what I'm really trying to say is that I haven't been this happy in years and I just have so many people to thank for that!

What else have I learned?
-The quiet ones are the funniest ones-AKA my roomie Sarah
-The nastiest looking food usually tastes the best
-I don't like whisky but glitter bombs are delicious
-Everyone in their own way is a good person
-The best way to meet people is to venture out by yourself
-The locals love to show you new things
-Country music is not popular over here :(
-You don't have to pay taxes at stores here or leave tips!
-Life is always more exciting with theater majors, borrowed guitars, and multiple forms of lighting
-Cab drivers are never happy after 1 in the morning
-Pizza Hot is the best place for deep fried chicken
-You can borrow pretty much anything from anyone (ex. hard drives, sunglasses, nail polish, curlers, inhalers and clothes)
-Roommates don't like it when you keep them up by playing solitaire and coughing all night
-Terrorists are not the worst people in the world
-Shakespeare is actually a little funny
-Castles start getting old after you see 3 of them
-Sheep on hills are funner to look at than cows in fields
-"Historians will go extinct in a few years because history is not sexy."
-Smirnoff Ice and Sex on the Beach are completely acceptable for any gender
-Cab drivers will tell you everything you did not need to know
-You will get made fun of for having a One Direction poster above your bed
-A gold sequence dress is not conventional for England
-Heels are not meant for swing dancing
-The good guys will lunge across the room for anything you drop on the floor
-Smiling, nodding and laughing does not always work when you can't understand accents
-Prison guards have tiny legs
-Lithuanian men are not the most appropriate
-Royalty really means killing off kids and marrying your cousin
-Candy does not taste the same in different countries...chips do!
-Basically life is just like the movies but only better!

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