Monday, February 6, 2012


Well well well what did I do this week.

Last Monday:
The basketball team went on our first road the local Royal Air Force. It wasn't a big deal at all, we just showed up, beat them, went home and called it a day. We probably won mostly because I stayed off the court. Anyways our team is just amazing and because we are so good apparently our Tuesday practices are getting turned into Tuesday night bowling. We just don't need to practice basketball at all. Pros.

Last Tuesday:
During the evening my adopted meet-a-family came and picked Kristin and I up from the manor and took us home for a traditional meal! The most exciting part was that they had heat! We enjoyed a lovely dinner talking about many different topics. My favorite was when talking about my degree in criminal justice, our Mum left the room and came back with a baton that her relatives used when they were bobbies! After dinner we hung out in the kitchen and played cards for about an hour. They taught us how to play 7's and we began gambling with buttons. I have yet to win so my button supply is going down hill! It was just a fun evening because they are a very adorable couple and reminded me of my amazing grandparents back home. So Oma, Opa, Grandma and Grandpa be prepared to play cards with me and tell me stories!

Last Wednesday:
During the day we had a field trip to a near by castle and cathedral in Lincoln. It was soooo much fun wandering around in the cold looking at more castles and churches! I loved every minute of it! Honestly my favorite part of the day was when I had 2 hours free to wander to I just went and checked out local shops. I ended up talking to a lady in one of the stores for about 20 minutes and she told me all about living in England. On an even brighter note, some of my aunts have some lovely presents coming their way!
That night we had a quiet night in for once. Skipped basketball practice to do homework which somehow led into movie night.

Last Thursday:
After volleyball practice we decided to check out a little event going on in our Bistro. That little event turned into 'MERICA night! We have been gone from home for about a month so we needed to celebrate our home land! It was basically drinking while dancing to country music and any song that had the word "America" in it! Obviously it was a hit. As far as I know only one light was knocked down and only a few beers dumped on the leather couches. 'MERICA!

Last Friday:
We actually had class on Friday to make up for when we will be missing class this week to go to Ireland. The night started out a little slow because our friends decided to ditch us and leave for the pub early so in order to waste some time we just snuck into their room and did some rearranging and song writing. Apparently they did not appreciate all their beds being pushed together...I don't see why. Eventually we hunted them down while out on the town. Yes that was a rhyme. It was another great night in Grantham. We even realized that we have locals that are actually friends with us and meet up with us on the weekends!

We decided to venture our for the first time on our own! I went with my friends Missy and Kristin to the wonderful city of Nottingham via train. A town that our adopted family suggested. We spent the day shopping and eating Mcdonalds! It was very exciting because the only clothes I brought over here were items I could throw away so now I actually have real clothes that I was able to buy very cheap! Maybe you will see my great new style in future pics! Get excited! Eventually we made it back to the manor as snow was beginning to fall. We originally planned on just staying in, doing homework and watching movies. But the thought of having new clothes was all too exciting so we spent an hour getting ready and dolling ourselves up....only to find out we were snowed in and the cabs couldn't even get up to the manor to pick us up! We pouted for a while in the hallway then bonded over some girl talk. Sadly my friends are losers are were both asleep by 11:30.

Well we woke up to find out that our volleyball game was canceled, but luckily our coach is a very determined person and rounded up his car, his brothers car and a cab to get us to our game. So after running around trying to get ready in 5 minutes we hiked down our mile long driveway to meet our coach at the pub...because they couldn't get up our drive. Then we headed off to the prison to play some inmates! I am a bit sore today from attempting to jump serve and set for the whole match. Sadly we only won 1 game of the match and left quite defeated! It was a little intense getting to the prison, showing our passports, going through multiple locked gates and playing inmates but it was all still fun. Maybe I can get a job there! Last night we just hung out and watched people get excited for the super bowl...that started at 10:45 needless to say I did not watch any of the game but instead studied like a great student!

That is about all from last week. We have a short week this week, just a big test Wednesday then we head out for a long weekend in Ireland! Very excited! I hope Gerard Butler is waiting for me!

Sorry I'm not willing to proofread this. Hope my grammar wasn't too awful!

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