Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 1

Hi all!

Classes are officially in full swing. This semester I am taking a 6 credit British Studies class that is required of everyone. I will also be taking two sociology classes. I believe I am one of two sociology majors here, let alone criminal justice so it should be interesting. The classes I am taking are Crime and Deviance and Sociology of Terrorism. The terrorism class should be interesting because of the topic but also because my professor is from Iran and can give a different perspective.

So far this week I have signed up to play on the volleyball and basketball teams here on campus. I feel like it may be a struggle because they encourage everyone to try it at first so I may have to hit a few people in the face to get rid of them. Basketball should hopefully get me back in shape as well. Interesting thing about working out here, the weights are in kilograms. Needless to say I will need to be doing some calculating while working out so I hopefully won’t crush myself!

The food here is awful! If you would like to keep me at an average weight you should probably send over some snacks! The food is just very odd and they serve it at awkward times so even when I do eat everything offered I am always starving. On a brighter note we have a little bar/hang out place here in the manor. Last night I tried to have a travel planning session and that turned into just hanging out and having a few drinks. According to a survey given to all the males in the room at the time women are more attractive when they drink beer rather than mixed drinks. So I now have to become a beer drinker!

I can’t think if any other updates at the time. The manor is absolutely amazing and has a bunch of different secret passage ways. We have only found 2-3 so far but are trying to find more! We have also been working on planning different trips. Right now I have 4 weekends that I will not be here at the manor and most of those will get booked with plans out of the country. Right now we are looking into planning a trip to Spain over Easter so that should be fun! This weekend we are going to be in London so let me know if you have any suggestions of things to see!

OK time for a deep thought.

This is the first time I have been forced to live with multiple females in a confined area. At least in EC I had thousands of other people I could hang out with. It is a little more difficult here because there are less than 300 people. The one thing that I realized is how low of self confidence some females have in themselves. Almost everything I hear is about how their faces are breaking out all the time, how other pretty girls are bitches, and how amazing every celebrity is! I mean I sometimes agree with the things they talk about but my typical morning thought is about how my roommates get up so early to do their hair, makeup and pick out cute outfits in order to feel good about themselves. They haven’t quite figured out that I can get up 10 minutes before class, but on jeans and multiple sweatshirts and walk out the door. This is all just a different environment that I haven’t been exposed to. True women.

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