Saturday, January 7, 2012

Safely in England

Hello from England! I safely made it across the pond after one LONG trip! I left my house Thursday afternoon and headed for O’Hare. Once there I was abandoned by half my family to try and make it through the terrifying airport all on my own. Which I successfully did and only got yelled at once! Once I made it to the gate I was able to meet up with two other people that I’m going to school with that were from Missouri. Eventually I made it onto the plane and miserably struggled for the entire 7 hours. I could not fall asleep to save my life and was just bored the whole time. Eventually I ended up watching Footloose, which was a terrible idea because after that I just wanted to dance! After sitting in the car, airport and plane I was rather tired and cranky BUT that all changed when I looked out the window and watched the sunrise while we were flying a few thousand feet above London. It was by far the best sunrise I have ever seen! After wandering around the airport for an hour waiting we got on a “coach” and had a 3.5 hour drive to the manor but don’t worry I finally slept for about 2 hours and woke up while we were going up the mile long driveway to the manor AKA my castle! I don’t really remember much else of what happened yesterday…we wandered around the castle which was pointless because there is no form of organization in it so we got lost everywhere we went but that’s ok because every room is beautiful!

I have 3 roommates that all go to the University of Evansville. That school brought the most amount of students and they all for the most part know each other so in order to make friends you have to kind of find the other random people who also have no friends. I also feel a little out of place when they get up early in the morning to put on all their makeup, do their hair and put on dresses to go to orientation. Ohh well I have the best style anyways and all I could think of was how I look the best out of all of us and don’t even have to try!

The food here is kinda weird, for lunch today we had fries, mac and cheese and our choice of bacon or ham. I did not realize that was considered a meal! After lunch we headed out to go shopping in down town Grantham, which was intense because the goal was just to not stand out for being American. We were doing well until our credit cards didn’t work but we got out of there and headed out to find a pub. Tonight we have a formal reception dinner and then are attempting to find another actual pub to go to!

Hmm what else…I had my first class last night. It was an introduction class for my British Studies class, we had our choice between white wine, red wine and orange juice and I’m pretty sure my professor used to be a raging alcoholic! He is already my favorite professor ever! He spent the whole time rambling and swearing about everything that came into his mind! Also today at lunch I met my sociology professor that I will have two classes with. Well I didn’t really meet him, but instead I met his wife and son while he sat and ate but that’s ok.

Sorry that most of this is just rambling about everything I can think of but I’ll blame the jet lag and 6 hour time difference! I’ll get better at this! Enjoy J

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! Hope you get into all kinds of adventure (which I'm sure you will)! Keep me updated because I'm sure I'll never get to London but at least I'll feel like I have!